Hello! I’m Flora from Washed Up Cards! 
Flora on her nearest beach down in Deptford
This little idea all started back in September 2019 when I went along to a beach cleaning event on the River Thames, London, for World Rivers Day.

When I started cleaning I thought to myself there’s hardly any rubbish here... but as i looked closer you realised there were loads of really tiny bits of plastic, aptly named, Micro plastic. Some of these bits of plastic were super colourful and almost jewel like so I stashed a few pieces in my pockets.

 Almost a week or so after the event my wonderful sister, who for a long time has been living virtually plastic free, was getting married. I decided to make her (and her husband) a homemade card using a few of the little colourful bits of plastic I had picked up...it was a cute just married car with with bits of plastic coming out the back of the car like little cans.

Anyway I had such fun making it I started sending more and more for birthdays, thank yous etc. The response from friends and family was gorgeous with people particularly loving the purpose and feel good factor behind the cards...

 It goes without saying that these cards aren’t going to dent the million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every year but if it helps spread a little love and get a few people to be a teeny bit more conscious about their plastic consumption then in my book it’s making progress, however small.

I really hope you enjoy these cards and if anyone wants to join one of my Washed Up Card beach cleans in London please do get in touch!