Top 10 tips for a safe beach clean

It is wonderful so many lovely eco souls are wanting to help keep our precious planet tidy and clean! It's very important we do so as safely as possible.

Here are Washed Up Cards top hints and tips for a safe litter pick or beach clean. Any questions please do email, we'd love to hear from you! 

  1. Wear sturdy shoes 
  2. Check the weather and take appropriate layers - rain coats, warm layers.. or a bottle of water and sun cream if the weather is looking like a scorcher! 
  3. Always wear gloves and use litter pickers 
  4. Avoid picking up broken glass/needles or anything that might cut you 
  5. Bend your knees when lifting anything heavy, and if it’s too heavy, leave it!
  6. If you find drinks bottles, best to leave any liquid inside and throw in the rubbish
  7. Don’t fill your bag too full - imagine if your bag splits and you drop all the rubbish you’ve collected!
  8. If you’re beach cleaning somewhere tidal make sure you check tide times before you start 
  9. Wash your hands super well afterwards 
  10. Give yourself a big pat on the back for helping keep our precious beaches clean!